Mich Hannah injured in Fort William

Practice Day at Fort William

Yesterday night we received this email from the Hutchinson UR Team:


Hi All

Some of you may have seen the post on the teams Facebook page; Sik Mik had a huge crash today. He clipped a pedal and went over the bars in a very fast rocky section. He landed on his head and right shoulder.

His head is ok, however after a trip to the hospital and some scans it has been made clear that he has separated his AC joint and torn his ligaments (stage 3 separated shoulder). After speaking to Inverness and Fort William surgeons, they think he won’t actually need surgery however the team will turn to shoulder specialists in the coming week in order to get a second opinion on this. What ever happens, he won’t be able to ride a bike for several weeks.

We won’t speculate yet on how much time he will take to recover, but Mick is still as focused as ever and knows that he’ll be back before the end of the season to battle it out for worlds.

The whole Hutchinson UR team wishes Mick a very speedy recovery.

Send him your heeling vibes :
www.facebook.com/ SikMikHannah

Some hopefully more positive news to come tomorrow after Tracey, Guillaume and Fabien’s qualifying runs.

Mick Fort William practice

Heal up soon Mick!

Mick injured but still smiling


Practice Day at Fort William

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