Navad-1000: nonstop over 1000 km from Romanshorn to Montreux


[Press release] In June 2015 a new period for all friends of real endurance test and big adventures begins. Bikepacking has arrived in Switzerland.


The Navad-1000, the first bikepacking-event in this country, does not need supportcars, no mechanics, no crew members, no road-closures, no marshalls and no signposts.

Like on the Tour Divide (the mother of all bikepacking events from Banff CAN to Antelope-Wells USA over 4400 km), the participants of the Navad-1000 are following the bikepacking-rules. Its simple: if you cannot do it without external support, better not to enter….


No entry fee, no outside support, no price money, nonstop.


In Montreux Freddie Mercury will be waiting for the finishers.


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