New Airflex Kneepads from Leatt

Two new models of knee pads have just been added to the vast catalog of Leatt protective wear – the Airflex Hybrid Pro and the Airflex Ultra Lite – both with Airflex technology. The first model is more protective and dedicated to enduro, the second lighter and aimed at trail riding. Find out the details in the press release.


[Press Release]  – Leatt continues to grow its range of protectors with the launch of two exciting new products: Airflex Hybrid Pro and Airflex Ultra Lite. As their names suggest, both knee protectors incorporate Airflex impact gel technology into the design, which allows for maximum flexibility and comfort, without compromising on CE protection. The new Airflex Ultra Lite is even lighter and thinner than the company’s Airflex Pro protectors, while the Airflex Hybrid Pro has the opposite characteristics, offering even more protection than the current, much appreciated, Airflex Hybrid.

AIRFLEX Hybrid Pro

With its extremely slim design, the Airflex Hybrid Pro – featuring full CE impact certification – is designed to offer protection on particularly rough trails, thanks to the addition of an additional anti-impact plating to cushion the most intense impacts. In addition, the padding on the upper legs offers ample protection against kickback from the handlebars. Crafted from a soft knit fabric, the sock offers a high level of comfort, whilst its high stretch and knit fit allows it to adjust to fit any leg shape perfectly and to give added support and stability. The Airflex Hybrid Pro has a Leatt Protection Score of 14 out of 25 and is priced at €139.99.

AIRFLEX Ultra Lite

Airflex Ultra Lite is the extraordinary union of extremely light materials with CE certified impact protection. Designed to help achieve maximum pedaling efficiency, the kneepad offers support to the thighs while relieving pressure on the calf. The Ultra Lite is made with the highest quality knit fabric to allow breathability, and its impact gel padding fits neatly into a mesh pocket to keep it in place during movements. It also features an abrasion resistant area above the knee. The Airflex Ultra Lite has a Leatt protection score of 10 out of 25 and the price is €99.99.

Knee protection is second only to a helmet in terms of importance of protective equipment, so choosing the right garment for your ride is crucial. The latest Airflex Hybrid Pro and Airflex Ultra Lite models set a new standard for CE certified protection, while also offering comfort and flexibility.

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