Leatt’s 2023 MTB Apparel and Protection Line


Leatt has unveiled their 2023 range which, in addition to style and color updates, includes several new items such as shoes and knee pads. You can find out more in the press release following the presentation video.


[Press Release] – Leatt is thrilled to announce the launch of its new 2023 MTB range, the most stylish and stylish range to date. The new range includes a variety of brand new helmets and shoes, as well as new womenswear and bad weather clothing. Allowing you to go further in style in 2023! With the pandemic severely restricting our freedom of movement over the past couple of years, we are now able to go out again, explore, try new things and go beyond what we did before on two wheels. With Leatt you can enjoy your time outdoors.

BRAND NEW BAD WEATHER CLOTHING: Leatt introduces Hydradri

Designed by the Leatt Lab, HydraDri is a unique membrane found only in Leatt products. HydraDri is available in three levels to suit your needs in bad weather.

  • HydraDri MAX waterproof shell 30.000mm / 30.000gr Breathable
  • HydraDri EVO waterproof shell 20.000mm / 20.000gr Breathable
  • HydraDri waterproof shell 10,000mm / 10,000g breathable

A new product for 2023 is the Mono Suit, available in two tiers, HydraDri MAX and HydraDri, as well as junior sizes. They include some of Leatt’s unique features for bad weather, such as the Ride Adaptive and Climbvent magnetic hood. The Mono Suit 5.0 will retail for € 419. The Mono Suit 3.0 will cost € 319. You can also find Hydradri in Leatt’s range of jackets and trousers.


Leatt entered the footwear market a few seasons ago and is now releasing its second generation shoes with significant changes to the rubber compound, grip, weight, ventilation and overall fit. RideGrip PRO is the new rubber compound. It’s about 20% softer and stickier than the original and durable RideGrip compound. The combination of the RideGrip PRO compound with Leatt’s new WaffleGrip PRO sole pattern offers incredible grip and bike feel. This inverted WaffleGrip PRO outsole is designed for cyclists looking for more grip on shorter pins or in more difficult conditions. The new compound and sole are found on almost all of their new flat shoes, including the new 7.0 HydraDri waterproof. There it’s also a complete remake of the shoe’s upper, which has significantly reduced weight and improved ventilation. These upgrades are included with all flat pedal shoes, as well as the 4.0 Clip PRO. Leatt shoes range from € 99.00 to € 209.00.


Known to be THE brand of protection, Leatt completes its range of knee pads with two new Airflex knee pads in 2023. The Airflex Ultralite is a super light and flexible premium knee brace for trail and XC, and the Airflex Hybrid PRO is a more resistant knee brace for enduro bikers. These knee pads are minimalist and designed for maximum efficiency and comfort. The extended sock offers excellent support on the thigh, relieving pressure from the calf. The Airflex Ultra Lite retails for € 99.99, while the Airflex Hybrid PRO costs € 139.99.


In the All MTN segment, the new All MTN 3.0 open helmet weighs in at 375 grams and features a powerbridge construction for increased shell strength and load distribution. This maximizes ventilation with 20 effective vents even at low speeds. Of course, the 3.0 All MTN helmet also features Leatt’s innovative 360 ​​° Turbine technology to reduce the forces associated with concussion. The 3.0 All-MTN helmet costs € 109.00. If you are looking for an affordable option, the new 2.0 All MTN helmet shares many of the same features but costs only € 109.00.

Following the great success of the 1.0 Gravity full-face helmet, Leatt introduces a 2.0 Gravity helmet with more pronounced graphics and a more comfortable lining. The weight of the 2.0 Gravity helmet is 960 grams and is available in XS-XXL. It will retail for € 159.00.


Additions to the women’s range now include new All MTN products from head to toe. The new 2.0 All MTN helmet is available in colors to match the new 2.0 All MTN women’s jerseys and tank tops. Jerseys and tank tops are high performance clothing items for women to look good and feel good while on the track. They are made with Tencel, a tree pulp recycled in Austria with fantastic performance properties as it helps to control body temperature in different conditions. The All-MTN 2.0 jersey retails for € 73.99, while the tank top will sell for € 52.99. The new 2.0 All-MTN Shorts are tailor-made for women of all shapes and sizes. These yoga inspired shorts are probably the most comfortable shorts you can get, optimized for riding with knee pads. The 2.0 All-MTN shorts will be € 99.99.


The Leatt Gravity range has been designed to offer durable products for rigorous riding styles. The materials used in this range are tested to withstand multiple abrasions and the selected items have been reinforced with brush guards and ultra-resistant seams. For 2023 Leatt presents riding jeans! The 3.0 Gravity pants will make you feel comfortable and relaxed as you gas. The 3.0 pants are made from a durable polyester lightweight denim fabric with 360 ° stretch material, available in XS-3XL for a great price of € 129.00.


For 2023 Junior riders can count on new protection products. A 3.5 body protector, a 3.5 chest protector and Leatt’s No. 1 knee protector: the Dual Axis. Plus a cool Mono Suit to make kids smile as they spin around in the mud and sand.

More information: Leatt


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