Broken crank preload ring? Muc-Off has the Solution

How many times does it happened that riders have broken the ring on the non-drive crank arm of some brands such as SRAM and Race Face, which is used to adjust the preload of the bottom bracket bearings? It happens simply because it is entirely made of plastic, the set screw threads into on a microscopic plastic thread and the whole ring nut itself in many cases is not sufficient to guarantee the right preload precisely because it is too delicate.


Muc-Off today presents its solution to this problem: a ring nut entirely made of Aluminum, CNC machined and subsequently anodized in 12 colors available. The strength and reliability of this material compared to plastic allows you to more accurately adjust the preload and lock the ring without problems – even after numerous installations, extending the life of the cranks.

Both threaded adapters are available in the purchase package so as to have, in a single product, compatibility with SRAM cranks with 30mm axle or DUB with 28.99mm axle, with Race Face or Easton cranks, always with 30mm axle.

The installation is very simple, as we can see in the video tutorial offered by Muc-Off:

Muc-Off’s Crank Preload Ring retails for € 29.95 and is available now.



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