New FOX Top Cap Sockets & Seal Drivers

[Press Release]

We are offering a new series of top cap sockets and seal drivers for shop and consumer use.

The top cap sockets use a common 3/8″ square drive wrench and are available in 26mm (32 Series forks), 28mm (34 Series forks), and 32mm (36 and 40 Series forks) sizes. Made of 7000 series aluminum, the 6-point socket has no lead-in chamfer and a low-profile design for a precision fit that minimizes scarring. They feature external knurling to increase finger grip and a durable anodized and laser etched finish. Top cap sockets are $25 each.


The Delrin seal drivers match all of our seal sizes: 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 40mm. Centering off the upper bushing, they guide the seal in straight for a perfect install every time. Seal drivers are $30 each.

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