New Kenda Tire 2018 Updates

Kenda just announced some updates and re-works related to the 2018 range. The main novelties include a new casing dedicated to Trail and Enduro and a new compound, as well as an updated version of the Nevegal. Kenda has also increased the number of sizes and options across their entire range. More info below…

ATC Casing

The Advanced Trail Casing is comprised of two different tire technologies; the first of which is Kenda’s Sidewall Casing Technology (SCT).  SCT, currently used in many mtb and cyclocross tires, is a nylon sheet that covers the sidewall of the tire from bead to shoulder block; allowing the tire to maximize the benefits of fluid based sealants while reinforcing the sidewall for cuts and abrasions.


The second technology is K-Armor (KA). This proprietary, lightweight puncture breaker under the tread increases the puncture resistance by 174% over traditional aramid breakers.

What is EN-DTC?

EN-DTC is a dual phase rubber designed around the rigors of enduro racing and is more than capable for recreational and trail riders. Featuring a lower rolling resistance value than previous dual tread compounds and benchmark tires, the EN-DTC shows less wear and holds knob edges longer than other similar tires, providing a more responsive ride while letting the knobs do the work of control and braking on the ground.


Over a decade after its original release, we have reimagined the Nevegal for today’s riders leaving no aspect unchanged.  The updated tread pattern has been matched to the new EN-DTC rubber for lower rolling resistance and improved grip and control. The Nevegal2 also features the latest materials in casing technology with the Advanced Trail Casing (ATC), optimized for enduro and trail riders.

  • Superior tread flat resistance
  • 50% less rolling resistance than the original Nevegal K1010
  • Best in class weight for folding bead enduro tire
  • Tubeless ready
  • Also available as  EMC version, ECE-R75 certified


After two downhill World Cup wins and multiple top editorial reviews, the Hellkat with its original Advanced Gravity Casing proved to be a truly excellent downhill tire. However, not everyone needs the burly casing and super grippy compound of a downhill racing tire. With the new Advanced Trail Casing and EN-DTC compound also applied to the Hellkat, we are now offering an enduro tire that offers the same bite as the original Hellkat while tipping the scales just above 800g (27.5×2.4″). The ATC guarantees easy tubeless set-up and great puncture protection for aggressive trail riding. The new EN-DTC compound provides tons of grip and safety for the rider in most conditions without going overboard on the rolling resistance.

The Hellkat will be available in 27.5″ and 29″ in widths of 2.4″ and 2.6″.
In addition, we have added a folding version to the Advanced Gravity Casing line.

  • Advanced Trail Casing for agressive trail riding
  • Over 300g lighter compared to the wirebead AGC version
  • EN-DTC compound with soft shoulder knobs for consistent grip
  • Tubeless ready
  • Available in 27.5×2.4, 27.5×2.6, 29×2.4 and 29×2.6


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