Niner Bikes welcomes Kyle Warner

Fort Collins, Colorado (January 14, 2020) – Niner Bikes is happy to announce new riders joining our extended family. Kyle Warner joins from Boise, Idaho, and nomadic YouTube stars Syd Schultz and Macky Franklin join Niner from their Ford Econoline E-250 van.

Kyle Warner


Niner Bikes is thrilled to welcome Kyle Warner to our extended family of Ninerds. One of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, he’s a shredder on anything with two wheels. With a great background and skill set including everything from EWS enduro racing to stylish jibbing, Kyle brings great energy to Niner.

“I really like the design of the bikes, I love the personality of the brand, and I love the fact that they just want to get more people outside and enjoying the sport,” says Kyle.

“I have been in a weird transition over the past few years trying to find out what is most valuable to me as an athlete and I ended up taking a step away from the racing scene to focus more on having awesome personal interactions at mountain bike festivals, teaching some skills clinics, and working harder on community development here in Boise,” he continues. “To me this just seemed to be more rewarding than any result I’ve ever achieved and it made me happy to see people learning, smiling, and getting outdoors.”

We’re supremely confident that Kyle is one of us, our people. At Niner, we’re all about making riding on dirt better, period. That includes being a welcoming, open minded group of people.

“The folks at Niner truly care about the bike community, they want to make the most badass bikes possible, they want be out at the festival and demo scene shaking hands and drinking beers, they want to show up to races and be competitive, and most importantly they want to have fun,” said Kyle. “Pretty much everything aligned directly with my vision of what I want to do as an athlete and i am so happy to be working with them for the next three years!”

We could not agree more. It’s important for us to have fun and also be inclusive to anyone in the riding community. We’re not afraid to take chances.

“I gained a ton of respect and interest in the Niner program a few years ago when they decided to support Kirt Voreis,” continues Kyle. “Kirt is one of the most creative, unique, and fun to watch riders in the world and has always been one of my favorite guys to try and emulate.”

He continues, “When Niner decided to support him and let him be completely himself, I thought that was really cool and rare for a brand to understand that his value lies in being himself and not necessarily getting certain results. Kirt has made the bikes look so fun to ride and the fact that they hold up to everything he throws at them is pretty amazing haha! I think the two of us will have a lot of fun over the next few years and I can’t wait to shred with him!”

Syd and Macky

In our other big news, everyone at Niner Bikes is thrilled to welcome Syd Schultz and Macky Franklin to our extended Ninerd family. After a few conversations late last year, we all agreed that Niner would be a great fit for them as they adventure van and film across the universe. So, this dynamic duo picked up their new Niner frames while passing through Colorado in December.

Syd and Macky are perfect representatives of what Niner is all about and we couldn’t be happier to see them on our bikes. They’re adventurers at heart and they delight in sharing their knowledge, experience, and travel tales with a growing audience on YouTube. If you’re not yet watching their films, start here.

“We’re Syd and Macky. We race mountain bikes professionally, live in a van and travel the country and the world racing the hardest (and most fun) enduro races we can find,” says Macky.

“All that sounds glamorous, but often it’s quite the opposite,” continues Syd. “Think long nights driving around looking for a campsite. Lost baggage. Breakdowns. A lot of blood, sweat, tears, love and logistics is going on behind the scenes. In many ways, that effort is what makes this lifestyle rewarding. But it’s also the part that nobody sees.

Please join us offering a warm welcome to these great riders and ambassadors for the sport of mountain biking. And keep your eyes open for great content during the season ahead.

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