OneUp Adds 240mm and 90mm Dropper to Lineup

Today, OneUp announced a couple of new dropper posts – a whopping 240mm option as well as a shorter 90mm offering that’s ideal for XC, kids bikes and shorter riders. Read on for the full scoop from OneUp’s press release below…

OneUp new dropper posts



Everyone at OneUp wants the longest travel dropper post we can fit on our bikes. We’re obsessed with maximizing drop by minimizing stack height and total length. 

OneUp Dropper Posts get you more drop than any other post. That’s because, across the line, OneUp droppers have the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any post with the same travel. No other dropper post can get your saddle lower.

OneUp new dropper posts

70mm-240mm DROPPERS

OneUp dropper posts are now available in: 90mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 210mm and 240mm lengths.

All our posts can be shimmed down in travel by either 10mm or 20mm to tune your fit and get the most drop possible. This means there’s a OneUp Dropper option available in 10mm increments from 70mm to 240mm of drop. Bikes and riders come in all sizes, droppers posts should too.


Ever since we launched our 210mm post, taller riders (including many of our staff), have been asking for even longer dropper posts. Our new 240 is a game changer for tall riders who still manually drop their posts. We recommend the 240 for riders 6’ (183cm) or taller, or anyone on L to XXL frames. 

See if the 240mm will fit you and your bike with our Dropper Post Length Selector Tool.


The new 90mm (shimmable to 70mm) Dropper is the shortest dropper post on the market. It has the shortest total length, shortest insertion length and shortest stack height. 

Perfect for XS riders and XS bikes, kids bikes, gravel bikes and any bikes with short or interrupted seat tubes. 


Increased bushing overlap (240)

Sealed cartridge cap (on all posts)


Travel adjust shims allow you to dial in your perfect length

Reliable sealed cartridge internals

User replaceable cartridge $60 USD

Light weight (shorter total length means less material and less weight for a given drop)

Easy to service at home

2 year warranty


Price: 90mm $199.50 USD / 240mm $229.50 USD / Remote $59.50 USD

(30.9) 90mm 377g / 240mm 648g
(31.6) 90mm 388g / 240mm 668g
(34.9) 240mm 812g
Price of a replacement cartridge: $69.50 USD


If you want to upgrade to a longer travel dropper post, you’ll probably be limited by your new post’s total length or stack height, which is why we’ve minimized both. 

Total Length 

The distance from the bottom of the post to the middle of the saddle rail clamp, including the actuator. 

A shorter total length means a OneUp post is more likely to fit your bike, even if it’s not the latest, brand new bike. For reference, a OneUp 180mm post has a shorter total length than every 170mm and even some 150mm posts. 

Stack Height

The distance from the bottom of the dropper collar to the middle of the saddle rail clamp. 

Many riders still have to manually drop their dropper posts to get their seat low enough on descents. OneUp droppers’ stack height is the shortest of any dropper post. This lets you upgrade to a longer travel post, even if your current one is slammed in your frame. 


240mm Dropper Posts are available now at

90mm Dropper Posts will be available later this summer

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