OneUp Releases The 44T X-Cog And Direct Mount Chainring

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OneUp your SRAM drivetrain with the new X-Cog 44T sprocket for XX1/X01 and SDM (SRAM Direct Mount) Narrow Wide rings.



X-Cog 44T Sprocket for XX1/X01
OneUp your XX1/X01 cassette with the X-Cog 44T expander sprocket. Extend the life and range of your 10-42T cassette by replacing your worn aluminum 42T with the X-Cog 44T sprocket.


XX1/X01 cassettes have steel sprockets from 10-36T (X-dome). It’s never recommended to use aluminum for cassette sprockets 36T or smaller as they will wear out very quickly due to the higher tooth loading.

Riders who spend a lot of time in the 42T can wear out the Aluminum sprocket faster than the rest of their steel cassette. Instead of throwing away a $400 USD cassette that’s still 90% good, the X-Cog gets you rolling again for $90.

The X-Cog provides more range, not just an easier granny gear. The increased range is a must for racers looking to maximize their chainring size for timed downhill sections, while still being able to conserve energy on transition stage climbs.

If you’re spending the majority of your climbing time in the 42T, you should look at reducing the front chainring size so that you can spend more time in the more durable steel sprockets of your cassette.  If you have a SRAM crankset with a removable spider then switching to a new OneUp direct mount ring lets you drop to a 28T chainring.

SDM (SRAM Direct Mount) Narrow wide chainrings 28/30/32/34T
 Save unnecessary spider and chainring bolt weight, simplify your cranks and have the ability to run smaller chainrings for steep trails, priced from only $65.

Uses OneUp’s tried and tested narrow wide profile, designed and developed on the bone-shakingly rooty trails of Squamish BC and run by World Champions, including Jared Graves.

For XX1/X01 riders running cranks that don’t have removable spiders, running a chainring smaller than 30T is not an option.  The X-cog is the ideal solution to get a more usable granny gear.
Perfect 49mm chainline for a quieter drivetrain, improved chainring wear and best no drop performance.
Aggressive crud chamfers for awesome mud shedding performance and extended ring life.
Reinforced wide tooth design provides maximum ring durability when run without a bash guard.
Machined from hard wearing 7075-T6 aluminum plate
10 blade design optimized for maximum stiffness.


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