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The European Enduro Series continues and on September 5th and 6th enduro mountain biking is back in the north of Italy. After hosting in previous years the Italian Superenduro, this beautiful region becomes again the venue of an outstanding enduro event. Europe’s best Enduro bikers will shred the unique trails and this promises to be a spectacular fourth stop of the series.

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The European Enduro Series has had it all – the ocean, the glaciers and cross-border races. But now it continues in another scenic landscape, the Brenta Dolomites, in 2009 officially decreed World Heritage site. The area is also part of the Adamello Brenta National Park, which was founded for the protection and conservation of local flora and fauna and which is the home to the Alpine Brown Bear. The Paganella Tableland with its 400 km of singletrails is a mecca for enduro bikers and will now be proofed by Europe’s finest selection of riders.

EES#4_MOLV_PAGA_082015©Alex Luise (1 von 3)

By hosting the Italian SuperEnduro, the area around Paganella is known for its great and challenging events. In total 49,5km and 5 stages are waiting for the riders to come. Altogether, the trails are going to be very versatile – roots, counter slopes are intermixing with technical passages and features with more flow. Most of the trails around Paganella are for enduro/all mountain riders of every imaginable level and that´s why the Paganella Bikepark was especially created for downhillers and freeriders. Also, two more bike parks are about to come – 2015 in Andalo and 2016 in Molveno.

Since the opener of this year’s European Enduro Series in Punta Ala was a huge success, expectations are high that it will continue like this in the beautiful landscape of the Dolomites. The 5 stages will lead the riders about an altitude of 2.125 meters down to Molveno, where the event area is located. This small village at the end of the Molveno Lake, surrounded by a gorgeous landscape of water and mountains. Due to its location at the foot of the Brenta Group and the Paganella mountain mass, it is one of the most beautiful places in the whole Trentino. During the race, the gondolas and lifts will be integrated in the racetrack to ensure maximum trail experience. The race will be full of different challenges and will lead the riders through the scenic surroundings of the Dolomites. The challenging trails with some picturesque views of the Italian Alps will complete the fantastic atmosphere.

EES#4_MOLV_PAGA_082015©Alex Luise (1 von 2)

But even in this great area and within this wonderful landscape the racers will ride at their highest levels. Europe’s elite of enduro bikers is ready to race the tracks around Molveno and to crown a new champion; or maybe an old one? We will definitely find out on September 5 and 6, when another tough and spectacular race is going down in another enchanting Alpine landscape.

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