Pirelli SmarTUBE – Light, Compact and Puncture Resistant

[Press release] – The SmarTUBE is Pirelli’s latest product in the world of tubes, as we continue to seek to improve performance in modern cycling.

They are the result of our development for World Tour tubulars, now made available for everyday rides with clinchers. Made from a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it can save up to 70% of the weight of a general butyl tube and almost 50% of the space in your pockets, while being stronger than butyl as a raw material.


It is available in a comprehensive range of sizes that include Road (P ZEROTM SmarTUBE), MTB (ScorpionTM SmarTUBE) and includes a reinforced version for Gravel or Endurance applications (CinturatoTM SmarTUBE). These tubes have two big benefits over butyl tubes:

They reduce the rotating mass where it counts the most (wheels), making your bike livelier and quicker in accelerations to help improve your handling and climbing speed

They save space in your pockets (or bags), so that you can carry more food and ride longer

As a bonus, the reinforced CinturatoTM SmarTUBE model has tuned the amazing properties of the TPU material to address a different advantages: double the puncture protection compared to a standard butyl tube, and are light weight and compact when folded away as a spare.
Choose them for the weight saving or the space saving, they will provide puncture resistant performance and a (Racing) Pirelli yellow colour – that won’t hurt.

Presta valve: RVC mechanism with glued core, 60mm length to work with the majority or rim depths, black colour to look clean and slick

The new SmarTUBE is available at a price of Euro 29.90.



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