PUSH Launces Trunnion Shock, Lyrik ACS3 KITS

PUSH have been cranking out more and more new products as of late. They just announced that their phenomenal Elevensix shock is no available with metric eye to eye lengths and trunnion mounts. To start, they’re showing it off on the Evil Calling. Additionally, their new ACS3 coil conversion kits are also now available for RockShox customers with fitment for Yari, Pike and Lyrik. Full details in the press release below, straight from PUSH.


LOVELAND, Colorado — PUSH Industries is expanding its range of high performance suspension components, and is pleased to announce some new flavors of its tastiest goods.


As a result of the rising popularity of trunnion-mount shocks, PUSH is now offering its ELEVENSIX in a trunnion design to meet the demands of riders seeking the ultimate performance from their bikes using the new wider shock mount design. The new trunnion-mount shock is available in metric sizes comparable to the eye-to-eye lengths of standard ELEVENSIX shocks. In addition, being more compact than eye-to-eye shocks, the new design allows certain shorter-travel bikes to take advantage of the ELEVENSIX’s Dual Valve System. One such example is Evil’s Calling, which will be available with an ELEVENSIX upgrade in the new Liquid Black color.

Liquid Black? Yep, all ELEVENSIX shocks are now also available in a black anodized finish, in addition to the original clear anodizing. In order to ease the concerns of those suffering from extreme colormatch FOMO, PUSH is offering an upgrade/rehab/12-step recovery program. It won’t cost as much as a new kidney, but it’ll be a color change that demands commitment. Riders who already have ELEVENSIX shocks that they wish were black should reach out to PUSH at [email protected].


The PUSH ACS3 coil system was released earlier this year as an upgrade for Fox 36 forks, and is now available to order for RockShox Pike, Yari, and Lyrik models. Replacing the stock air spring with PUSH’s proprietary coil and air-assist kit provides a dramatic enhancement in front suspension throughout the travel, enabling supple small bump response as well as greater mid-stroke control and superior bottom out resistance. For Pike riders looking to upgrade to ACS3 performance, there are three options — 140, 150, 160mm. Lyrik and Yari riders have four travel options ranging from 140 to 170mm. 

RockShox ACS3 kits are available in seven different spring rates. The Made in the USA ACS3 is an easy install for home mechanics, with convenient step-by-step how-to videos available on Vimeo and the PUSH website.

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