[Racing] Cairns Timed Training/Seeding Results

[Racing] Cairns Timed Training/Seeding Results


While the Elites don’t have to smash out seeding runs, Juniors sure do. It should surprise absolutely no one that Finn Iles had the fastest seeding run in Junior Men’s, up over 2.3 seconds on Josh Clark.

Junior Men’s Results

In Senior Men’s, hometown hero Mick Hannah posted the fastest timed training run with a 3:30.  Loic Bruni and Jack Moir posted very fast times as well. Sam Hill Posted the 12th fastest time with an Enduro bike…Expect the Australian’s to do quite well in the finals.

Elite Men’s Results

In the women’s, Rachel Atherton unfortunately will not be competing as she’s crashed and broken her collarbone. Tahnee Seagrave posted the fastest time of the day, close to 3 second up on Nicole Myriam, the winner of the World Cup overall.

Elite Women’s Results

Junior Women’s Results

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