[Racing] Greg Callaghan Injured

Irish EWS Pinner Greg Callaghan is down for a bit. Greg currently stands in second place in the EWS standings and recently won the Ireland round on home turf. It looks like he’ll be missing a couple of races. Here is his account of the accident.
“I was like brrraaapppp and then the front tucked… got friendly with the ground in Leogang and didn’t win. Two broken bones in my hand and a BIG hole in my knee. Had a small operation on the knee to take out some tissue and all is well. Few days in the hospital for the knee and then start working to get back on the bike! They’re saying 5-6 weeks for the hand so we’ll see what happens. Good thing there’s a nice ceiling in this place, I’ll be getting to know it well over the next few days!”

Heal up Greg!

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