Rene's bike is currently in an organic mode, with him currently focusing on the component setup before he looks at frame choice.

Rene Wildhaber’s Trek Slash Bike Check


Rene Wildhaber for 2015 will be riding with Shimano and Fox. He has been with us at a Trek bike press event in Spain and is currently testing and trying different component set ups based around his new sponsors. Rene has the new Di2 from Shimano on his bike and has spent the first few days testing these components. He is undecided about which wheels to select for 2015 and will also make a decision on his Trek frame size and set up.

We had a close look at his bike and went through all the different elements that he is focused on at the moment.

Rene's bike is currently in an organic mode, with him currently focusing on the component setup before he looks at frame choice.
Rene’s bike is currently in an organic mode, with him currently focusing on the component set up before he looks at frame choice.
The biggest news is now that Rene is riding Fox and Shimano for 2015.
He currently has a Fox 36 mounted on the front of the bike. He did not mention any tuning just that compared to last years fork he was using that the 36 has excellent mid travel support.
Rene is now using a Float X with lockout control.
New Shimano, the brakes appear to be last years models at the moment.
This is where it gets interesting, the new Shimano Di2 Shifters.
Rene demonstrates his preferred hand position for the remote Float X lock out.
Here is one of the few Di2 mechanisms in circulation, Rene says they are quick and snappy to use, but he has not had much time on them yet.
The rear Shimano cassette is 11 speed and has a range of 11T-40T.
New Shimano XTR cranks with only 1×11 setup for the moment. Rene commented that they are stiffer than what he was used to and the Q factor on this current set up is marginally wider than last year.
When routing the new wiring systems Rene chose to have a junction connector outside the frame so it is easier to replace the rear cable section should he ever break it.
He inserted the battery for the shift system into the frame via the head tube, when the fork was unmounted.
The battery is approximately stored here in the frame and is held in place with foam and screws.
180mm front discs with XTR callipers.
Evidence of Rene bottoming out the fork on our ride together today. He said that he needs to spend some time optimising his settings for different tracks.
The seat post control, is temporary and is yet to finalise a seat post.
Wiring connector for the shift system.
Rear 180mm Shimano disc.
Shimano pedals.
Spank aluminium bars 760 mm wide, Rene mentioned he trusted aluminium bars.
We took a look at his lever position where the pads contact the disc.
This is his lever position start point.
The shifter has a wrap on the wire as it exits the shifter to lower risk of the cable being pulled out.
The front chain set is currently 1×11, however Rene will look at testing the 2×11 system.
Notice the square teeth profiles for chain retention.
One of the most friendly fast riders out there! Thanks Rene.



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