[Replay & Photos] Minnaar and Atherton win Lenzerheide



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A new race and a very different track, technical and extremely challenging. A hot day and a lot of dust, so much so that many riders used mud tires looking for extra grip in the fast sections where the wheels literally sank into the ground.


Greg Minnaar scored another perfect run. Let’s just say, we all know you can’t count him out but people weren’t anticipating a win from him. With the victory in Leinzerheide he slides into third place overall, but reduces the points gap with Gwin. Greg now has 18 wins under his belt, making him the winningest world cup racer of all time.


Loic was so close again. After the French National champ qualified in first, he was the last man on the hill. Right on the bubble, he may have overtaken Minnaar but a small bubble meters from the line dashed his chances.


Dean Lucas came out of nowhere to get the best result of his life as well as his first podium. 3rd on the day.


Troy Brosnan back on the podium where he belongs. We knew he had a few more spots in him.


Same for Gee Man. Back on the podium in 5th. We thought we might see more from him on this track, but then again, conditions couldn’t be more different from the UK.


Gwin still leads the overall, but a handful of small mistakes pushed him back to 8th place. Not the result he was looking for. He’ll likely be pissed and out or blood at the next round

Connor Fearon.  Fractions off of Gwin's qualifying time.  The aussie is comfortable in loose, dry and fast conditions.  Can he back up his second place finish from Leogang?

Connor Fearon was on a barn burner of a run but unfortunately threw it all away on a mistake in the woods on a small drop. The humble aussie would finished last. His time is coming and he will eventually win one of these rounds.


Remi Thirion has been showing his consistency. Always a crowd favorite to watch, he finished 6th. Just off the podium.


Rough weekend for Brendog. 3 Huge crashes and a concussion. What a champ…He would rally and still finished 15th. We want to see him win one so bad.


Laurie Greenland’s first big win.

Andrew Crimmins - insane form...hopefully he recovers quickly.

In savage Aussie style, Andrew Crimmins strapped it up and raced with a chipped elbow. He still finished second. Amazing.


Rachel took the win. Emmeline was on a rager of a run but it was sloppy and cost her. She looked good all weekend, but Atherton had the poise.


Women’s podium. We’re getting used to seeing these usual suspects up there. Someone needs to come shake it up.


Huge congrats to Greg. A class act and now the winningest World Cup DH racer with 18 wins.

Leinzerheide Finals – Elite Men

Leinzerheide Finals – Elite Women

Leinzerheide Finals – Junior Men

World Cup Overall – Elite Men

World Cup Overall – Elite Women

World Cup Overall – Junior Men

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