Santacruz Launches New Bronson And 5010


[Press Release] Santa Cruz releases a range of upgrades to their bike range, focusing on the Bronson, 5010, Roubin from Juliana Bicycles and the Furtardo also from Juliana Bicycles.
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When we introduced Bronson, it took the market by storm, redefining what people expected from a 150mm trail bike. Equally at home in the Trans-Provence as it was on The Ridge, updating and improving it was going to be no small feat.

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The most visible upgrade is the completely new VPP link arrangement.The lower link tucks neatly above the bottom bracket, fully recessed and protected from impacts. Meanwhile the box section upper link now mounts cleanly to the top tube and enhances lateral stiffness as a result.


Shock rate’s been refined in the process too, delivering greater small bump sensitivity and a more progressive midstroke.Geometry has also evolved subtly to meet demand from riders for a bike of this ilk.The seat tube angle’s been steepened, placing the rider right above the cranks and perfectly in position to lay down the power. Meanwhile a one degree slacker 66 degree headtube angle combines with a 25mm longer top tube and shorter chainstay length to create an evermore rally ready geometry than its predecessor.

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The 5010 is built to serve the most technical back country missions. 130mm of VPP® (Virtual Pivot Point) travel produces a shorter chainstay length and lower BB height compared to the 5010’s bigger travel brethren. This creates a uniquely playful character and an insatiable appetite for negotiating steep rocky climbs. And when it’s time to head home, playtime becomes a riot.


The new 5010 has a more aggressive 67 degree head tube angle than before, and the longer top tube welcomes the use of shorter stems for more precise handling and greater confidence on rapid descents.

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The 5010 also shares all the latest VPP® hardware with the new Bronson too. The top-tube‐mounted box‐section upper link is a leap forward in durability and stiffness, and the lower link rests cleanly out of the way, dramatically improving clearance and minimizing rock strikes.

Bike choice can be a numbers game, but if your game is conquering epic trails then 5010 is the only number you need know.

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The Roubion is the race bike of choice for the ladies of the Juliana‐SRAM Pro Team, and has evolved to meet the demands of their gruelling Enduro World Series campaign. The aggressive, 66‐degree head angle now makes the Roubion even more stable when descending at speed. The top tube length has increased to accommodate the use of shorter stems, and the chain-stays have been shortened to keep the rear end tight and quick through alpine hairpins. The seat tube angle’s also a degree steeper, which puts the rider right above the bottom bracket, where you’ll be angle to generate positive traction on even the most technical climbs.

The new model retains 150mm of VPP travel, but features an entirely new set of links. The lower link now hides completely out of the way, and the upper mounts directly to the top tube to enhance stiffness and bearing life. As a result of the new links, the shock rate is now softer at the top end, which makes for a smoother ride over small bumps. Towards the middle of its six inches of travel, it gets a bit more progressive, so you’ll feel confident and composed when you’re riding through bigger roots and rocks at speed. As Juliana riders continue to push their boundaries, the Roubion stays right there with them.

Furtado embodies theadventureof mountain biking —hard climbs followed by fast descents, and long days in the woods on two wheels. The advanced VPP(Virtual Pivot Point) design has been refined to create even lower stand over heights than the previous model, and the slightly longer top tube allows the use of shorter stems for more responsive handling. The head tube angle, at 67 degrees, is a degree slacker than the old Furtado.

We also made the chain-stays 10mm shorter, which results in snappier handling and easier navigation through tight obstacles. It’s a powerful descender and nimble climber that more than lives up to its reputation as Queen of the Mountain. You’ll find that Furtado is now more sensitive to trail inputs, with a softer top end to its suspension. As you move through the travel, however, the suspension gets more supportive and progressive, so you don’t lose momentum over chunky rocks and big roots.

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