SDG Launches Junior Pro Kit

SDG recently announced a full kit of specific, high performance bits for your little shredder. Comprised of saddles, pedals, grips and a handlebar, you can buy the kit for just under $150. It’s aimed at kids on 18” to 24” wheeled bikes. More details in the press release below…


Ready to take your children’s riding adventures to the next level? The industry’s first all-in-one premium youth components upgrade kit is here – skillfully engineered and manufactured for the little shredder in the family!

Since day one, SDG has been at the forefront of the MTB saddle game, supporting riders for over 20 years. While many are still onboard and riding today, they too are having children of their own, which has allowed us to see the need for quality youth components that were truly designed to fit smaller bodies.

“With SDG pretty much being the only saddles I’ve run my whole career, it’s the coolest thing ever to pass on that heritage and that authenticity to my kids. With the JR PRO KIT, she gets skinnier diameter bars and grips, matching pedals and an amazing SDG seat to match it all.” – Cam Zink

This next generation is starting earlier and progressing faster than ever before. With the new kit, they ultimately receive a full contact point upgrade with color coordinated parts (just like mom and dad) that raises their stoke factor. The traction grabbers and bottom loading replaceable mini steel pins in the small nylon pedals helps keep their feet from slipping, while thinner bar ends and smaller OD grips allow for increased control and overall confidence. To top it off, a proper size saddle with all the key features simply makes the ride more comfortable and enjoyable.

The junior line concept has been in the works for a couple years now. As a company originally invested in saddles, we started developing the Fly Jr in 2014. Higher end, kids mountain bikes were emerging, yet the options for smaller quality seats were limited — mostly just price point BMX saddles, which were far too large and heavy. We set out to solve that problem. The Fly Jr was the industry’s first branded performance saddle specifically designed for youth MTB riders. Soon thereafter, some of our OE partners such as Bergamont, Cube, Mondraker and especially Norco, were early adopters and used as an OEM part on their complete bikes. And with their insight, along with our riders, friends and their children, as well as our engineer having a 7 year old rider too, we started looking for other ways to improve upon this underserved segment.

Money doesn’t grow on trees around here either, so we’re fully aware that pricing is an issue for many parents, especially when determining whether to spend on youth components or not. However, we didn’t cut any corners when designing the JR PRO KIT from the ground up. Most children’s bike accessories are either mass produced as economically as possible or made in custom small batches that are incredibly expensive. We set out to offer the perfect balance — create parts that are of a similar quality to higher end adult componentry at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. We also made them as durable as possible, so they last as long as your child needs.

“Everything about this project just made sense. As SDG selectively enters new product categories, we must fill a void, while truly adding value. I just wish these parts existed 20 years ago. And to see the faces on these kids receiving a kit and getting pumped on riding has been rewarding in itself.” – Tyler Anspach – SDG

Fly Junior Saddle

The Fly Jr was the industry’s first branded performance MTB saddle designed specifically for youth riders in mind.

Ergonomically fitting for smaller sit bones – shorter and narrower than traditional saddles.  Not just a wide, bulky and heavy BMX saddle.
Slight Rear Rise design enhances pelvis rotation and power from a standard sitting position.
Small Nose platform to aid in climbing.
Ample padding for enhanced comfort.
Syn Leather top and Cordura protective sides for increased durability.
235mm x 122mm, 270g.

Slater 90 Pedal

The Slater 90 pedal features a 90x90mm platform that is optimal for smaller feet. Unlike most children’s pedals (plastic body, steel axle, loose ball bearing and injected molded pins that easily wear out in weeks), the Slater 90 pedal strikes a balance between those cheap disposable plastic pedals and the uber expensive machined aluminum ones.

Small 90x90mm nylon composite body and low profile height (18mm).
Cro-Mo axle with fully sealed and serviceable DU bushing design.
6x, bottom loading, replaceable 2mm high steel pins per side.
Gripper profile for enhanced pedal traction.
Replacement and service parts available. More aggressive and advanced pins coming.

Slater Jr Grips

Most junior grips are simply just shortened adult grips that are far too thick for little hands. By tooling a unique bar that offers 19mm bar ends, the Slater Jr grip offers a better riding experience, while not sacrificing the comfort by using a thinner grip.

1pc, integrated lock-on grip system.
Dual density design.
Tapered and slotted core to eliminate slippage.
Plush SDG Icon pattern that offers total grip control and vibration dampening.
19mm ID mount fits exclusively to 19mm bars.
115mm Length, 25-26mm OD, 55g.

Slater 650 Bar

The Slater 650 bar was developed for optimal ergonomics. It features a 31.8mm mount, but uniquely tapers to 19mm  (standard bar ends are 22.2mm) to accommodate thinner grips such as the SDG Slater Jr.

Tooled specifically for performance youth riders.
Constructed with 6061 sandblasted aluminum.
650mm width for increased bar control.
Bar ends taper to 19mm and exclusively works with 19mm mountable grips. *Slater Jr
31.8 mount. 20mm rise. 8 degree back sweep, 5 degree upsweep
The Kit includes 4x 15mm nylon shims to mount standard shift and brake levers.


All of the premium components in the JR PRO KIT cater to a range of youth riders and ages, ideally running 18” to 24” wheeled bikes. Available in 4 colorways: Black, Neon Pink, Neon Green and Cyan Blue, the JR PRO KIT is now available worldwide for $149.99USD. Additionally, all of the components included will be available separately in late January, 2019, along with replacement parts and rebuild service kits.

*A special thanks to Randy Noborikawa for the cool, hand drawn illustrations.

For more information, please visit:
IG: @sdgcomponents
Facebook: @ridesdg

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