[Sea Otter] New Formula Cura Brakes

[ad3] Formula released a new brake today at Sea Otter that is aimed at the mid travel/enduro market but according to them is basically strong enough for DH usage as well. For quite some time the Italian brand has used radial levers but this new offering is an axial design that utilizes mineral oil. Formula has spent 4 years searching for the perfect mineral oil and it sounds like they’ve found it. The main benefit is that it is less affected by the natural moisture in the air. The brake uses a huge pair of 24mm oval shaped pistons to drive their organic pads. Mix Master and Speedlock are two really cool features. The first is Formula’s version of a Matchmaker, only it works for SRAM and Shimano. The latter is a bleed free quick disconnect at the caliper.



• 24mm Pistons
• Mineral Fluid
• Axial Lever
• 359 Grams
• $175 Black & $180 Polished (rotor not included)
• Available in September












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