[Sea Otter] One Up Components Pedals & EDC Tool


One Up has always been leading the charge in highly innovative upgrades and “why didn’t I think of that” parts. We first saw the “EDC”, aka the Every Day Carry tool when Richie Rude teased us on his Instagram at the beginning of the 2017 EWS race season with a quick video. Today at Sea Otter we got the full scoop on the rad little tool as well as some details on their new pedals.


An incredibly expansive multi tool, CO2, head, tire lever, chain breaker with extra links and more all fit into a standard tapered 1.5″ to 1.125″ steerer tube. At the bottom, down by the crown, a rubber/plastic fitting will be available to silence everything from trail induced chatter.

Aside from the mini pumps on each side and the stem in the foreground in the picture above, everything else crams into the steerer tube in a compact and quickly removable, modular system. One Up was rather cryptic on details regarding pricing, weight and availability, but it’s looking like it will be available in May sometime…

The new pedals are rather interesting. They take a convex shape from 12mm to 8mm. If you look closely, you’ll notice that there is no end cap at the axle, nor is the pedal cage drilled out to accept one. Instead, you use a cassette tool to tighten the axle down where it threads into the crank arms.

Super aggressive, long, hex shaped pins. 10 per side, 40 per pair.

There’s more. A new plastic pedal is thicker, but much cheaper and about the same weight at ~355 grams.

Aluminum pedals: $125 USD
Plastic Pedals: $50 USD
EDC Tool: $TBD



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