Sensus Releases Emil Johansson Signature Grip

[Press Release] – Swedish Slopestyle pro Emil Johansson has a sharp eye for detail. As a contact point, the grip is essential for feel and confidence. Having tried out many grips over the years, there was always an element or two on each that left Emil disappointed. This was compounded by the fact that most of them only lasted a few weeks. His desire to push the limits drove the 21-year-old World Number 1 to develop his own grips together with Sensus. The Emil signature grip set uses the same classic Swayze pattern with a whole new feel, more grip, incorporating his ideas and putting emphasis on all the small, but important details. The grips are available now in black or gum, here.


Being picky and precise is not a weakness – quite the contrary, especially when it comes to components. Often overlooked, grips are one of the most vital parts on a bike, when it comes to safe, comfortable and controlled riding and may even enhance one’s performance.

“Grips are the only direct contact points I have with my bike. Other contact points are the seat and pedals, but I have clothing or shoes in between which takes away from the feel. I want to have the best possible performance out of the grips… solid, but not so hard they tear your hands apart, I spend hours on top of hours holding onto my bar and I want that experience to be comfortable while still not missing out on performance. After a lot of testing, this is the grip we made. I’ve been running them for a couple of months now and it is the best grip I ever had, without question. I can’t wait for people to try them out!”  – Emil Johansson

“Emil is in a league of his own. Creating this signature model to get Emil his dream grip, just the way I created my own dream grip 10 years ago, is going to speak for itself, making this the most sought-after single-ply grip on the market. It’s perfect.” – Cam Zink, Sensus Founder and Owner

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