Silca’s #Pumps4Programs

Silca #Pumps4Programs – Giving Tuesday Donation to Support Bicycle Co-Ops, Non-Profits and Development Programs.


Silca wants to give bike co-ops, junior development programs and other bike community organizations the gift of a pump which will stand up to decades of frequent use in tough environments. It’s quite possible that no piece of bike gear on the market has stood the test of time as well as the Silca Pista.

If you’ve been around the sport of cycling for any length of time, you’ve likely seen this pump with orange paint. For decades, the orange Pista was the pump that shop mechanics used because of its rebuildability; the pump that the European pro mechanics preferred because of its compact nature; and the pump that cyclists around the world bought knowing that it would be the last floor pump they ever needed to buy.

In 2017, Silca took all of the qualities of the original Pista and introduced a re-engineered version of the pump. The modern Pista preserves the beautiful aesthetics of the original but improves on the design in some very important ways. The gauge has been updated to a much higher precision; the handle is a reincarnation of the original but is now made with Ash wood instead of Bakelite, and the steel barrel and piston shaft have been upgraded for better durability.

With a little maintenance, the pumps donated in 2018 will likely be in service in 2048, and if the past 100 years are any indicator, service parts will be readily available for pumps in need of new plunger washers or seals. Community bike organizations have enough on their plates with their primary missions, so make it a little easier for them to deliver on those missions by giving the gift of a reliable lifetime tool.

How it works: When someone makes a purchase on Silca’s webstore on giving Tuesday, they’ll receive a follow-up email from Silca thanking them for their participation. They can then click through to a form so they can tell us to whom they’re donating the money or pump. Silca will take it from there!

  • Purchases between $0-$100: Silca will donate 10% of the proceeds from your order to the to the bike community organization of their choice.
  • Purchases between $100-$200: Silca will donate 20% of the proceeds from your order tto the bike community organization of their choice.
  • Purchases over $200: Silca will donate a Pista Floor Pump ($99 MSRP) to the bike community organization of their choice.
  • Programs targeted: Race development programs, Velodromes, Bike kitchens, bike sharing programs, non-profits, bikes for kids programs, collegiate programs.


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