Spank Vibrocore Technology now in their DH Rim

Vibrocore is a biodegradable solid foam developed by Spank and incorporated into components such as handlebars and rims to dampen vibrations from the ground.

While the handlebars have already been on the market for a long time,Vibrocore is now becoming an option for the Spank Spike 350 DH rims. You can see how it works in the handlebars from these animations.


In their rims, Spank has decided to keep the profile very low (17mm), allowing the wheels to flex radially and thus to dampen the hits. The internal width is 30.5mm. This construction, without Vibrocore, is what makes up the Oozy 350, designed for enduro and all mountain.

Inside the Spike 350 rim Vibrocore is inserted, with an added weight of 40 grams. In addition to the above-mentioned vibration damping advantages, Spank claims that it increases torsional rigidity and rim life.

The wheels will be available in both 27.5″ and 29″ with a list price of 99 Euros for the Oozy and 129 Euros for the Spike 350 Vibrocore. The Oozy 350 wheel set costs 649 Euros, while the Spike 350 Vibrocore costs 699 Euros.

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