SRAM’s new GX 1X11 and 2X11 Drivetrain

Today SRAM announced the details of their new GX drivetrain. GX is aiming to fill in their mid priced X7/X9 line in terms of price point. The group is meant to suit a wide range of cyclists from XC to Trail to Enduro riders.



The biggest news about the group perhaps is that it will be utilizing the 10-42 tooth range that has made XX1, X01, and X1 so popular, but it will offer 1X and 2X versions of the crankset and rear derailleur to mate up to their new GX 10-42T cassette. That boils down to two things -an affordable dedicated 1X system and a 2X system with the most range on the market by quite a long shot.



There are two models available, the GX 1400, made ​​with Open Core Technology (OCT), which is hollow inside, and the GX 1000, made from 6000 series aluminum alloy. Both models are available in 175mm or 170mm lengths. For the bottom bracket you can choose between PressFit 30, BB30, GXP and GXP PressFit. The new cranks allow the use of a bashguard. Both models are compatible with the new Boost system.

The 1 × 11 chainrings are available with X-Sync in 30-32-34-36- and 38 tooth.

GX 1400 Red


GX 1400 Black


GX 1000 Red


GX 1000 Black


The 2X11 version with a removable spider is available as a 36-24.

GX 1400 Red


GX 1400 Black


GX 1000 Red


GX 1000 Black


The 2×10 version is not available with the removable GXP spider is a 36 22T and is available only as GX 1000 Black.


Rear Derailleurs:

There are basically 3 types of derailleur now – all of which utilize “cage-lock” which helps lock the pulley cage in place to ease with removal and installation of the rear wheel.

SRAM_MTB_GX_RD_11sp_Side_Red_L 2

The GX 1X11 uses X-Horizon technology, has an aluminum cage and is available as both Red and Black. Nothing new here, just brining the XX1 style technology down to the masses.

SRAM_MTB_GX_RD_2x11sp_Side_Black_L 2

With the advent of a 2X11 system comes a new rear derailleur style : Type 3… The GX 2 × 11 uses Actuation-X technology to cover it’s massive gear range, and has a new body style and a cage made specifically to support the wide range of ratios of the new 2 × 11 system. This model is available in Red and Black.

SRAM_MTB_GX_RD_2x10sp_Side_Black_L 2

The GX 2 × 10 rear derailleur takes on the features of the previous X9, Exact Actuation technology and is available in both short, medium and long cages. This model is available both with and without a clutch.

Front Derailleurs :


For the GX 2 × 11 group SRAM introduced 2-speed front derailleurs. The range of products covers all the different standards currently on the market: High Clamp, Clamp Low, High Direct Mount, Mid Direct Mount, Low Direct Mount, all available in both a top and bottom pull, while for some applications the option is dual pull.


The GX 2 X 10 follows suit with the same options, only it’s meant for the 2 X 10 group.

Shifters :


GX-11 Right side shifters. Available in both red and black. Aluminum Thumb/Plastic index shifter. Two position matchmaker compatible mounting interface.


For system 2 × 11 the Right trigger is the same system 1 × 11. Added to this is the left-hand 2-speed shifter, with the same characteristics, also available in Red and Black.


The GX 2 × 10 shifters are essentially the same as the 2 × 11, obviously with the right shifter utilizing 10 speeds instead of 11. In this option the only color available is Black.


In addition to trigger shiters, the SRAM GX series shifters are available in Grip Shift exclusively for the 11-speed groups. The system for 1 × 11 has a shift mechanism made entirely of metal, with 11 indexed positions and 3 rows of bearings which make the rotation of the control is easy to implement. Grip Shift GX-11 shifters are available in Red or Black color.


The left side shifters obviously pair to the 2 X 11 GXP drivetrains whereas the right shifters work with either 1 X 11 or 2 X 11.



For GX 1 × 11 and 2 × 11 groups SRAM introduces a cassette completely redesigned compared to the previous 11-speed cassette. All sprockets are steel and pinned together as one unit. The range of gearing remains 10-42.


The GX 2 × 10 group inherits the Power Glide name from previous groups. The PG-1050 is available as a 11-32, 12-32, 11-36 and 12-36, while the PG-1030 as 11-32 and 11-36.


Complete groups:

GX 1400 2 × 11 GRIP SHIFT – € 705
GX 1400 2 × 11 TRIGGER SHIFTER – € 689
GX 1400 1 × 11 GRIP SHIFT – € 597
GX 1400 1 × 11 TRIGGER SHIFTER – € 588
GX 1000 2 × 10 TRIGGER SHIFTER – € 534

Individual components:

Cassette XG-1150 10-42 11 speed – € 150
SRAM BB30 Crank GX 1000 10SP Black All Mountain Guard 38-24 – € 170
SRAM BB30 Crank GX 1000 11sp Black All Mountain Guard 36-24 – € 170
SRAM BB30 Crank GX 1000 Black w 32t X-SYNC Chainring – € 155
SRAM Crank GX 1000 GXP 10SP Black All Mountain Guard 38-24 – € 140
SRAM Crank GX 1000 GXP 11sp Black All Mountain Guard 36-24 – € 140
SRAM Crank GX 1000 GXP Black or Red w 32t X-SYNC Chainring – € 125
SRAM BB30 Crank GX 1400 11s Black or Red 36-24 – € 235
SRAM BB30 Crank GX 1400 Black or Red X-SYNC w 32t Chainring – € 235
SRAM Crank GX 1400 GXP 11s Black or Red 36 -24 – € 203
SRAM Crank GX 1400 GXP Black or Red X-SYNC w 32t Chainring – € 203
Rear Derailleur 1×11 GX-Speed ​​Long Cage Black or Red – € 120
Rear Derailleur Long Cage GX 2X11-Speed ​​Black or Red – € 131
Rear Derailleur Type GX-10 2.1 Speed ​​Medium Cage Black – € 71
GX Shifter Grip Shift 11 Speed ​​Rear Locking Grip with Black or Red – € 54
GX Shifter Grip Shift 2 Speed ​​Index Front with Locking Grip Black or Red – € 51
GX Grip Shifter Shift September 11 Speed ​​Rear 2 Speed ​​Index Front with Locking Grip Black or Red – € 105
GX Trigger Shifter 10 Speed ​​Rear w Discrete Clamp Black – € 32
GX Trigger Shifter 11 Speed ​​Rear w Discrete Clamp Black or Red – € 45
Trigger Shifter GX 2X10 Front w Discrete Clamp Black – € 29
Trigger Shifter GX 2X11 Front w Discrete Clamp Black or Red – € 43
Trigger Shifter GX September 2 × 10 Black Exact Actuation – € 62
Trigger Shifter GX September 2 × 11 Black or Red X-Actuation – € 89

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