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Structure Cycleworks to debut at Crankworx Whistler

At Crankworx Whistler, Structure Cycleworks plan to display a new bike that is interesting to say the least. Structure doesn’t have a website or even social media accounts fully set up yet, but for now check out what they have to say about their wild creation in the press release below:

[Press Release]


WTF Suspension™

Structure Cycleworks introduces the SCW-1, featuring 150 mm of Without Telescoping Fork (WTF™) Suspension.

Moving beyond the inherent limitations of telescoping forks to a linkage design allows Structure complete control over:

  • Dynamic geometry
  • Brake dive
  • Chassis integration
  • Front/rear balance
  • Friction reduction

You wouldn’t accept these limitations from your rear suspension.  It’s time to Evolve Your Ride™.

Linkage Integrated Chassis

Stiffness, compliance, and responsiveness in perfect harmony.  A fork and chassis that aren’t just designed to work as a unit, they are a unit.

A carbon, double-crown fork connects to the oversized down tube via two robust carbon control arms, creating a stiff, precise platform.  Stresses are distributed over the strong core of the frame, rather than concentrating stresses at the head tube, and mass is kept low and centralized for responsive handling.

Front and rear motion ratios are matched for perfectly balanced progressivity and simplified suspension tuning.  Sticky fork bushings have been replaced by smooth, Enduro MAX cartridge bearings for a supple and supportive ride no other chassis can match.

Stability on Demand

Agility when you want it; stability when you need it.

Telescoping forks are most stable when fully extended and least stable when compressed.  The result can be clumsy handling when climbing and less steering stability than a road bike when compressed.

WTF Suspension™ begins with trail-bike agility for climbing, gains category-leading stability by the sag point, and becomes more stable than a downhill bike when deep in its travel.  Multiple, user-adjustable settings are available for riders to dial in the perfect amount of stability boost.

Size-Specific Kinematics

The pedaling and braking properties of a bike are not inherent to the chassis; they depend on the location of a rider’s centre of mass, which can produce inconsistent kinematics between frame sizes.  The merits of one suspension design over another are fiercely debated, yet the differences from one size to another of a given model are often greater than the differences between linkage types.

Structure’s Size-Specific Kinematics™ is the only system to fully tune chassis kinematics to the rider. Pedaling and braking responses are consistent between sizes, small chassis are more linear to help light riders access full travel, and large chassis gain additional front and rear progressivity for additional support.

 Gravity Sizing

Your bike should fit your body and your riding style.

A small rider may want to ride large lines or a large rider may prefer enhanced maneuverability, but seat tube length often limits the selection of frame sizes.  Taking a cue from the ski and snowboard world, Gravity Sizing™ allows riders to choose a chassis that suits their riding styles, then Structure customizes the seat tube length to make it fit perfectly.

Gravity Sizing™ and Stability on Demand™ combine to create three chassis with three distinct personalities, each of which can be customized to fit a broad spectrum of body sizes.

Wide Range Geometry

Riders’ body sizes vary by tens of centimetres, yet conventional frame sizes are separated by an average of only two centimetres.  Wide Range Geometry™ replaces cluttered, overlapping sizes with meaningful differences in reach between our G1, G2, and G3 variants.

Wide Range Geometry™ also incorporates a steep, 76° seat tube angle to optimally position the rider’s weight when pedaling.  Structure measures this angle at saddle height, rather than the more convenient – but unrealistic – head tube height, to ensure all riders experience the balanced ride qualities of a Structure.

Whether you choose the agile G1, race ready G2, or boundary pushing G3, every Structure purchase includes a consultation with Structure’s design team to ensure your SCW-1 delivers a uniquely tailored and evolved ride

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