[Tested] Crankbrothers Stamp 3

Crankbrothers have been in the pedal game for a long time, with their successful line of clipless pedals as well as memorable flat pedals over the years, like the 50/50. The latest in flat pedal tech comes in the form of the Stamp, available in two sizes and multiple price points. We’ve been riding the Stamp 3, and magnesium bodied pedal, retailing for $ 119.99 US. Read on for our full review.


  • 386g per pair
  • $ 119.99
  • Forged SCM 415 Chromoly Steel spindle
  • 114mm x 111mm footprint
  • Concave pin profile & 10 adjustable pins per side for grip
  • Magnesium pedal body
  • Igus Bearings
  • Colors: Black, Grey


10 replaceable and adjustable allen head pins provide easy fine tuning to fit your desired grip preferences.

The small Stamp size is recommended for shoe sizes 5-10 (us) / 37-43 (eu) and the large size for 10-15 (us) / 43-49 (eu). Though our tester is a 9 US, we found we liked the larger pedal body better, as it provided more room to adjust our feet.

With a minimal body profile of 16mm, we never experienced any issues with clearance, and didn’t smash any roots or rocks during the duration of our test. The painted finish also seemed to be tough in its resistance to scratches and wear.


Simple, stiff, and nice to look at, the Stamp’s can match nicely with any bike.

On the Trail

As pedals are one of the few contact points a rider has with the bike, personal preference is always a large factor when out on the trail. We prefer mid level grip shoes (We mainly rode in our Ride Concepts), and large bodied pedals. The small Stamp’s were totally adequate in grip, and pedal feel, but they required us to place the foot in one ‘perfect’ spot each time. Because of the aforementioned foot placement, we leaned more towards riding the larger Stamps. When we hit a jump and did a table top or whip, oftentimes our feet will move slightly/come off the pedal, and having the larger surface area to come back to is a welcome feeling.

The concave pin profile out of the box is what we preferred, and stuck with, though if you like more grip/concave, backing pins in or out can achieve that. Proximity to the crank arm was spot on, (even with the small size pedals) meaning we weren’t rubbing our shoes each rotation. Speaking to durability, we have yet to see any pin, or bolt present any play, and everything is as if they just came out of the box, sans some scratches.


The Stamp 3 is incredibly reliable pedal, with an easy to get used to feel. We loved the clean aesthetics, high durability, and the room for adjustment, be it initial body size, or pin height. At $119.99 the Stamp isn’t going to drain your wallet, and holds a great value, and if you do want to treat yourself, you can pick up a set of Stamp 11’s with a Titanium spindle and Aluminum body for a cool $300.

More info can be found at: Crankbrothers

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