[Tested] Funn – Funndamental Pedals

Funn has been in the mountain bike industry since 1997, and during that time has had athletes from Sam Hill to Phil Atwill on their products. For the last few months, we’ve been testing the latest in flat pedal tech from the brand, in the form of their cleverly named ‘Funndamental’ Pedals.


  • Material AL6061 CNC
  • Axle System – Cartridge bearing and DU bushing
  • Platform Size – Width – 105mm x Length – 110mm x Thickness – 17mm
  • Weight 415g – per pair
  • Colors – Red, Orange, Blue, Turquoise, Black, Gold, Green
  • $ 95 USD 


Featuring a concave shape, and profile these pedals look very similar to a popular pedal from a certain 3 letter acronym brand. The Funndamental’s have 11 pins per side, all of which are removable and replaceable (extras are provided).

Chamfered edges keep the weight down and help with deflection when it comes to rocks, etc. The two inner pins on both sides are a 4mm socket, while the rest thread in from the opposing side via a 3mm allen bolt. The anodized color-way and laser etched graphics really pop, and seem to be in it for the long haul.

One of the cooler and most unique features of the Funndamental pedals is the ‘GRS’ system, which allows the rider to maintain and lube the pedal axle area. Simply un-do the allen grub screw, then use a syringe to re-grease the pedals with fresh lubricant.

On The Trail

After being accustomed to one particular pair of (no longer made) flat pedals, used throughout all our bikes, it was a nice change to ride something new. We felt that the platform size of the Funndamentals was perfect for us, (Size US 9 shoe, EU 41) though if one had a much larger foot, the pedals may feel a bit on the small side. The concave amount was perfect at locking our foot in, while the pin length didn’t make us feel too scared of feeling clipped in nor dreading a hit to the shin. We never experienced any direct, severe hits to the pedal body, but felt that the Funndamental’s could withstand some pretty decent abuse on that front. 


If you’re looking to upgrade to a new set of pedals, and hope to maintain them for seasons to come, or perhaps live in a wet region where lots of grease is crucial, the Funndamental’s might be a worthy route to choose. Their concave shape and well laid out pins give them excellent traction and a supportive on trail feel. They’re definitely a contender …

More at: FUNN

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