[Tested] Magicshine Monteer 8000s

A few weeks ago Magichshine sent us their Monteer 8000s light. As the name says, its max power is an astonishing 8000 lumen, quite a dream for riders who love to ride technical trails when it’s dark.

We shot a video review (with English subtitles, click on “cc” to turn them on), because it’s easier to see how a light works than using words and photos.

YouTube video



In the package there is a handlebar mount, left, and an helment mount. Both use the same system as Garmin does.

The battery has 7.2V 10000mAh and 75 Wh. It weighs 415 grams on our scale. Its shape makes it easy to strap it on a bike frame.

The cable from the lamp to the battery is too long if the battery is strapped on the frame.

Price: 399$ on the Magicshine website.


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