The New Orbea Oiz

[Press release] – It’s been 12 years since the first Oiz was conceived – a full-suspension XC platform giving performance addicts the fastest, lightest and most technologically advanced bicycle possible. A bike that was born to win.


Today, we unveil the new Oiz – raising the bar of what is considered the best – with the most sophisticated OMR carbon construction currently available. 2019 brings the evolution of our UFO and Advanced Dynamics technologies. The advent of Two Stroke heralds the birth of two types of Oiz , with XC (100 mm travel) and TR (120 mm) versions standing side-by-side. Pure XC geometry takes performance to a whole new level. And as if this was not enough, Orbea’s exclusive MyO customization means you can create the Oiz of your dreams, from start to finish.


Oiz uses the most technologically advanced carbon construction available to make the most sophisticated frame possible – A complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate on the trail. Prepreg carbon sheets are laser cut to minimize excess materials and overlap, and hours of premolding ensure optimal compaction with the smallest amount of carbon. Engineering a frame that uses as much carbon as possible of course saves weight but it also contributes to the sophistication and refinement of Oiz. Features like UFO 2 and Fiberlink take full advantage of carbon’s capabilities and put Oiz in a category by itself.


Advanced Dynamics is not a design, but a development process. Our unique method transforms virtual models into real, highly-refined machines – Bikes for demanding riders that are faster, more fun to ride and far beyond ordinary.

The suspension kinematics of the Oiz are perfect for efficient XC riding. Sag can be set low for a firm pedaling feel and the design still delivers a full 100/120mm of travel when needed. The leverage ratio increases for the first 3/4 of the shock stroke, then switches to a falling rate to overcome the progressive nature of the air shock to achieve full travel on large impacts. Custom tuning of the damper minimizes bottom-out forces and keeps the suspension riding high, maintaining geometry and efficiency.


Refinements of Oiz’s World Cup Geometry were born from years of designing world-class XC bikes. The position is aggressive, comfortable and fast. Handling is precise and intuitive for maximum agility without instability. Angles and dimensions are considered carefully across the range of sizes, maximizing power by increasing efficiency.

Orbea’s Big Wheels Concept (BWC) is simple… Instead of trying to squeeze everybody on a single wheel size, we offer Big Wheels that are scaled to fit riders of any height. BWC offers five frames in two wheel sizes – Small with 27.5” wheels, Small, Medium, Large and XL frames with 29” wheels. Every rider experiences our legendary XC ride quality in a svelte, fun and fast bike regardless of frame size or wheel size.


One of the simplest features of of the new Oiz was one of the most complex to accomplish – the MD, LG and XL frames are all equipped with two bottle mounts inside the front triangle. The additional room made available by the Inside Line cable routing puts extra water at your fingertips instead of in your pocket or on your back.


In the quest for stiffness and clean lines, we developed the long-fiber injected Fiberlink. The perfect blend of low weight and impressive rigidity, Fiberlink integrates seamlessly with the shapes of Oiz and the seat tube.


It’s the quickest way around the competition – and the optimal route for control cables racing to your fingertips. The proprietary rear shock lockout is completely invisible, hiding from mud and staying out of your way as you grab a water bottle. Controls are accessible and easy to use, creating the smoothest and sexiest shock mounting on the market. It’s a small detail, but when your bike is optimized, customized and weaponized, obsession over details can’t be trivialized.


What could possibly be as cool as the world’s most efficient, sleek and sophisticated 100mm XC bike? The same bike in 120mm. Because there are two stroke lengths offered in the same overall shock length, Oiz is available in two configurations – a 100mm travel World Cup ruler, and a 120mm TR trail slayer. The TR version uses a 120mm fork and makes a few changes to bigger tires and a slightly tougher spec. But don’t worry, this big brother gives up nothing in a race to the top of the hill.

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