The New Pole Bushmaster

The New Pole Bushmaster

Marco Toniolo, 01/03/2019

Following up from the Pole Stamina and the Machine, the Finnish brand launches their trailbike, called the Bushmaster.

Aluminum frame composed of two CNC machined aluminum shells, then bonded with aeronautical resins and bolted in critical areas. 140mm of rear travel to be combined with a fork with matching 140mm travel. The Bushmaster rolls on 29-inch wheels.

These are the highlights of the bike, which will be on the market starting in June 2019, available in three fittings in addition to the frameset.

Prices (without VAT)

Bushmaster LE: 7,584€
Bushmaster TR: 4,475€
Bushmaster XC: 5,370€
Bushmaster Frameset: 2,580€