Trailhead: An App for RockShox Fork Setup Guidance

Today RockShox is unveiling their new App, dubbed Trailhead, it offers users assistance for tuning, maintenance, documentation and upgrades available for each fork produced by the US brand from 2018 onwards.


Trailhead allows you to trace your fork directly through the serial number stamped on the fork’s crown, by typing it into the search window.

Alternatively, if you do not have the serial number available, you can enter the exact model by selecting it from a drop-down menu, and inputting the amount of travel and the type of spring (Coil, SoloAir, DualAir).

At this point, after this simple step, you are already on the page dedicated to your fork, where you can find 4 buttons that lead to all of the information dedicated to the exact model, based off of serial number and/or specifications. You can view available spare parts and potential upgrades, manuals, documentation, and – of course, the tuning guide.

The latter is managed in a very simple way. You insert your weight “in riding gear” and select if it is a MTB or an assisted pedal bike. The web app responds with the recommended pressure and the number of clicks to be entered for the rebound.

To download the app, visit here:

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