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When the registration for the premiere of the UEC MTB Enduro European Championships opened today at 7 am sharp, the first spots were immediately booked. In eight weeks’ time, the European Enduro elite will meet to crown the first male and female European champions in Tyrol’s Kirchberg/Brixental. Get ready to meet the best Enduro mountainbikers from about 17 nationalities, amongst them some of the world’s best Enduro riders.

Julia Hofmann - END Kirchberg 2012


It will be the absolute highlight for the mountainbike scene to participate in the first European Championships in Enduro mountainbiking, as it is going to be the very first Enduro race under the governing body of the UCI. With 350 spots available during the UEC MTB Enduro European Championships not only Elite Men and Women will fight for the title, but also participants of the classes Masters and Juniors.

Riders from up to 17 countries, among them big biking nations like France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Germany, are expected to be among the 17 countries attending the championship. Representing their flags, some of the world’s strongest riders, such as Enduro World Champion 2013 Jèrome Clementz, and Remy Absalon (both FRA), Anneke Beerten (NED) and the current Enduro World Champion Tracy Moseley (GB), are expected to take their shots at the title.

KitzAlp Enduro by christoph.bayer-7

The venue for the first UEC MTB Enduro European Championships 2015 will be in Kirchberg, Tirol, around the Kitzbüheler Alpen – Brixental area. This specialised riding mecca already has some experience in the realisation of enduro race events and has proven a superb venue for big mountain bike events including the World Championship Mountain Bike Marathon. The excellent infrastructure and a well established trail network are well suited to the enduro race format and meet the international requirements.

Register here: www.europeanenduroseries.com

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