Vecnum moveLOC xc: Ultralightweight dropper for XC/Marathon

100 mm of travel at 380 grams: German engineering boutique Vecnum presents the moveLOC xc, an ultra lightweight dropper post especially designed for XC and Marathon racers.

Dropper posts are here to stay, and slowly but steadily even grow a strong fanbase amongst XC and Marathon riders. For these disciplines, where weight and reliability are more important than maximum travel, Vecnum offers the new moveLOC xc. At 380 g (shortened, without remote) it is the lightest alternative on the market. The overall length (fully extended) of the moveLOC xc is 390 mm and, much like a conventional post, the lower tube can be shortened by up to 40 mm.



Info & Pricing

Weight: Starting at 380 g (without remote)

Travel: 100 mm (For longer travel versions up to 200 mm, have a look at the moveLOC 2 series)

Maximum length: 390 mm, can be shortened to 350 mm.

Diameter: 30.9 mm

Comes with: moveLOC xc post, Remote, Bowden Cable, Cable Holders, Manual

Price: 369 € with universal remote, 389 € with trigLOC remote.

The robust design is based on mechanical locking, as also found on the longer-travel moveLOC 2 series: A “Fail-Safe Button” guarantees 100 % reliability. There’s no danger of having to finish a race with dropped saddle. The moveLOC xc can always be locked in all positions in no time.

The external routing of the Vecnum droppers allows quick installation and deinstallation of the moveLOC xc. This can be a benefit for those who want to switch to a fixed post for race-tracks on which there’s no need for a dropper. Furthermore, external routing makes it possible to retrofit the moveLOC xc to any given frame with a minimum seat tube diameter of 30.9 mm.

The moveLOC xc of course isn’t just for those who intend to beat the clock, but for all those who seek a lightweight and reliable alternative to the dropper posts currently offered on the market. The moveLOC xc comes either with the Vecnum universal remote or with the Vecnum trigLOC, a (you guessed it) lightweight remote in trigger style. Weighing in at only 17 g it currently is the lightest available trigger-style remote, all while maintaining ergonomic adjustability and stability.

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