[Video] Adolf Silva – No Chill Switch | The CPGANG Show, Ep. 6



Adolf Silva has been on fire from start to finish this year. Taking his mountain bike riding to the next level, improving his skills, learning new tricks and pushing his own boundaries and what we thought possible our sport. His trick bag has continued to grow as he become more comfortable throwing tricks that only top pro riders could think of and more hungry than ever to compete with the best. It’s crazy to think that one year ago Adolf suffered a big injury which left him in a coma for a week! And now he is back more hungry than ever to show people what he can do. Don’t believe us, then look closely at the last clip, he is actually doing a no handed double backflip, a trick that only a couple people in the world can do. But now something that Adolf had in his bag of tricks at just 18 years old, the future is bright for this one. Make sure you keen an eye of Adolf next year as he has some big plans. Just saying, now might be a good time to book your Masters of Dirt tickets.


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