[Video] Andreu Lacondeguy’s Festest year yet


Andreu Lacondeguy has been around the sport of freeride mountain biking for what feels like an age. Longer still when you consider that he’s pretty much been pushing boundaries since day one.


Whilst some of the world’s best freeriders have reached their ceiling when it comes to pulling ever more technical tricks across bigger distances at higher speeds, Andreu has pushed on. That said, the newly established Fest Series acted as a perfect foil for the diminutive Spaniard who can do things on his YT Industries machine that others can literally only dream of.

2014 will be the year we all remember Andreu winning Red Bull Rampage, but his riding throughout the last 12 months has been just incredible, start to finish. Filmed by his friend and fellow rider, Nick Pescetto, this is one of the year’s best freeride edits. Enjoy!

Credit : Nick Pescetto for Red Bull

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