[Video] Cam McCaul – Blindfold Bike Build

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“Of all the bad ideas out there, this is one of them. The challenge: Can I assemble the parts onto my new Trek Remedy 9.9 while blindfolded? There’s only one way to find out. I know my way around my messy garage pretty well… but well enough to navigate a bike-build without the sense of sight? Will this thing even be rideable? To aid in this mania, I enlist the help of my good friend, Dusty Wygle to help keep the train on the tracks. But that would be too easy… How about we confiscate Dusty’s sense of hearing to further elevate the entertainment value? Ok – Sounds like a plan. Watch as these two Sisyphusian buffoons proverbially push this rock up a hill on a quest to ride-ability. But how do we prove that the bike is ride-able?? How about a blindfolded test lap out the garage door? Dark outside? All good, I can’t see anyways. Plus… we got night-vision.. (that we didn’t use for some reason.) SPOILER ALERT — I now have a scar. But I call it a success anyways. Watch as we bring new meaning to the term “communication breakdown” in this latest edition of “Cam McCaul Video Logs.” Led Zep would be proud. OK Bye.” -Cam

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