[Video] Cannondale Enduro Tour


The series was created by Jérôme Clementz and Pauline Dieffenthaler with 5 enduro races planned in 2015. The 1st round of the Cannondale Enduro Tour took place this week-end in Dabo. 380 riders came to take part of the event: 330 competitors and 50 OPEN class (a new way to discover enduro without stress and timing) with 6 stages well prepared by the local association Dabo2Allmountain, 33 km, 1200+ and 1500-.


The local top pilots came to test their winter preparation, show their new team kit and pushed hard to be in the first outpost. The aim of the Cannondale Enduro Tour is to associate the performance of the top pilots but also the friendly atmosphere for all the riders who compete in between friends! With a total time of 24 minutes for the best one, Dabo2allmountain has again proven that they got the perfect race down.

The event was a real success in terms of a conviviality and friendly atmosphere, thanks to team effort of the local association Dabo2allmoutain, the partners and Loizo Rider Productions (company of Jérôme Clementz). Indeed everybody has surpassed themselves to make the event attractive and well organized! Cannondale offered coffee to the riders during the registration, SRAM was managing the neutral assistance in the middle of the race, and the volunteers were everywhere to secure the riders’ track!

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