[Video] Daniel Fleury – For The Sky



Not many people have heard of Daniel Fleury. He isn’t really part of a riding scene and he doesn’t seem overly concerned with upping his Instagram rep. If you expected his feed to be a run of extreme bike shots, you’d be surprised to find a view on the world based on natural beauty with a series of images that present a creative view on everyday things like foliage, ocean and…sky.

Daniel grew up in circumstances more likely to guide him into team sports than inspire an endeavor in bikes, but something drew him into the woods where he spent the better part of two years hand building a massive cluster of jumps known as ‘Laguna’. A line with features that reach for the tree tops and a coastal view that delivers breathtaking sunsets daily.

Rupert Walker filmed Laguna a couple years back and was impressed with the results of Daniel’s hard work and solitary dedication not only as a builder/rider, but as a creative person with a unique view on things. It was a project that inspired a follow up. Welcome to: For The Sky.

Rider: Daniel Fleury

Directed by: Rupert Walker

Photography: Toby Cowley, Daniel Fleury, & Tyler Olson

Words by: Ian Ritz

Supported by: Chromag Bikes

Music: Generdyn – Song For Stone (Licensing through The Music Bed)


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