[Video] Emil Johansson – Audi Nines Mashup & Interview

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How has your off-season been so far, how has it been compared to normal?
“The off season has been good, but it is longer than it normally is with the first event taking place in June. However, for this year it was very necessary since I injured my knee last September. During the winter I needed to take 10 weeks off the bike to let the knee recover.” 


 In which way does your training look different in winter than during the season?
“In winter I work on the fundamentals in the gym to build a strong body going into the season and always making sure I take some time off to recover, as minor injuries are a constant reality. I always find time during the off season to work on new things for the season ahead, and still did this year despite spending a fair bit off the bike due to my knee.”

What do you enjoy next to riding bikes?
“I’m really motivated to stay fit, so I am doing workouts and stretching, but also other things like skiing and cross-country skiing. Looking forward to when the snow clears, and I can start working on the jumps again. We have some big plans there this year, so keen to get it rollin as soon as possible.”

What are you looking forward to most this year? Any upcoming projects you can tell us something about?
“I am looking forward lots to what I hope will be a full season of competitions and some video projects.”

People mostly see your videos and are speechless about your riding level and tricks. Do you also have times where things don’t work out that well on the bike? If yes, what actually helps you when you struggle a bit mentally and maybe also physically?
“Of course, there are times where things don’t work out like I want them to, just as it is for everyone else. The difficulties never disappear, even though my riding skills are increasing so is the level of tricks and stuff I do on the bike, so the battle and process is just getting harder the more I push it. When there are times like these, I always try to look at the big picture and address what the struggle is, so I can work and move beyond it.”

If you could wish yourself one thing for the bike industry, what would it be?
“I know there is a big struggle right now for people to get bike parts, and I hope this isn’t stopping too many people enjoying riding. I definitely hope things will get back to normal and events can get in full swing as well.”

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