[Video] Evgeny Kurnikov – 2017

“For me 2017 season began with the exciting “—Āalifornian freestyle” and an unexpected meeting with the idol of childhood Ryan Nyquist in the best training park in California “Woodward West”. Back in Russia I plunged into a busy schedule of traveling around for competitions and show which helped me keep myself in shape and decide on something new and sometimes even crazy. For example: the fall from a huge Frontflip on a jump of 21 meters almost prevented me for participation in the biggest extreme show of Russia “Proryv” but everything turned out and the next day I was able to roll my program painlessly. I have not forgotten about my native city Chita where I always return with pleasure to stay with my relatives and will be charged with energy for a new journey. A series of competitions in Moscow, training in Krasnodar before the trip to France for the biggest extreme event in Europe “FISE WORLD” and “road home” across Russia – made this season an unforgettable one.”


Credit: Evgeny Kurnikov

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