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Inca Avalanche Trail Fest and Mass Start Enduro/DH April 24-30th 2017

Starting at the base of the Veronica glacier, nearly 16,000ft above sea level, on the backside of one of the 7 Wonders of the World – Machu Picchu, the Inca Avalanche is one of the highest races in the world and one of the most exhilarating! When it’s all said and done, 200+ racers will have descended 18,000ft of excellent Inca trails, over two days…truly a bucket list event.

Come early and participate in the 7 day Inca Avalanche Trail Fest. Guided by our Tour Partners, it’s a celebration of the best local trails and non stop cultural experiences.

Riders from all over the world – from New Zealand to the UK, from Ecuador to Chile, from Canada and the US – descend on Ollantaytambo, Peru each year to ride the unbelievable trails, visit Inca ruins, party at Inca festivals and to race the Inca Avalanche. Riders like Chris Van Dine, Filip Polc, Brian Lopes, Cedric Gracia, Aaron Chase and many other legends of the sport have all came to Ollantaytambo to rip the Inca Avalanche Trail Fest. You don’t have to be a legend of sport to rip this ride though, we have riders as young as 9, We even have a Hard-Tail class!

More info: www.IncaAvalanche.com

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