[Video] Kyle Jameson Inspiring the Next Generation

Kyle Jameson ‘Gets it’. He’s built and ridden some of the biggest freeride MTB lines on the planet and continues to push the top end of the sport to new heights through his progressive builds and massive contest lines, but it’s his understanding and dedication to building trails for every rider that makes him truly special.


Long established as a world-class mountain bike destination, Bend, OR boasts over 400+ miles of singletrack, a thriving MTB scene and numerous professional athletes call it home. Having enjoyed destinations all over the world during his storied career, Kyle Jameson (KJ) now chooses to call Bend home and continues to share his trail building knowledge and expertise helping the local riding scene thrive.

Maintaining the massive network of trails is no small task and takes a veritable army of volunteers to keep them running. Over time, some trails become neglected and one legendary Bend area trail “The Lair”, was in desperate need of a revamp. The local trail alliance, COTA, looked to KJ to reshape the half mile long freeride trail for all levels of riders and enlisted a group of enthusiastic local youth to learn from the legendary trail builder.
What started as a standard trail build quickly turned into a heartwarming story of teaching, realization, and joy.

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