[Video] Lawlor & Lucas – Greatest Hits

[Video] Lawlor & Lucas – Greatest Hits

John Reynolds, 16/01/2017


Over the past 7 years, we’ve been lucky to shoot with so many amazing bike riders – Peat, Brosnan, Bruni, Gwin, Vouilloz, Minnaar, Sauser, Kulhavy, Langvad and Akrigg – to name-drop just a few. There have been many so great locations and many different stories to tell – the highs and lows of racing, the excitement of discovering new places and of course plenty of white-knuckle action. We felt like it was way overdue that we put together a compilation of our favourite sessions… kind of a Greatest Hits Album. We’re certainly not superstar DJs, it’s the athletes who deserve the spotlight centre-stage. But we hope you enjoy this set as much as we did making it. Rock on.

Directed, Shot & Edited by: John Lawlor & Victor Lucas


Music: WaveThirtyTwo.com