[Video] Martin Maes Last Podium with GT

We consider our riders to be family, and no one exemplifies that more than Martin Maes. His father, Patric, rode for the brand in the 90’s which means Martin literally grew up in the GT pits. We’ve watched him grow from a shy kid who loved riding bikes to one of the fastest mountain bikers on the planet, all under the guidance of team manager, Mark Maurissen.


“I’ve known Martin and his family since the early ’90s. Well, at least his dad and grandpa! Martin only showed up in 1997. What a ride it has been since then! I’m sad to see him move on, but I’m extremely proud that I’ve had the chance to work so closely on his side along the way. We’ve had ups, downs, many victories, hangovers that come with those, you name it! You’re only getting started in life. I’m convinced you will achieve many more great things in the (near) future and I’ll be cheering you on, no matter what! Cheers Martin, enjoy the ride!”

– Mark Maurissen, GTFR Team Manager

“We’ve shared countless memories with Martin over the past 9 years, from numerous podiums as a teenager, his historical back-to-back wins at EWS Whistler, and the DH World Cup in La Bresse, and of course just recently, when he put the new Force Carbon on the top of the EWS podium for the 1st time, and his last time with GT. The time spent with Martin was more than a work relationship, it was a journey of growth and memorable accomplishments in so many aspects. Watching him race as a pro at 16 years old and seeing his pure talent was a treat and just knew he was on a path to accomplish great things. Though we shared in many tremendous wins and accolades the memories I will take with me are the talks we had about everything but bikes and racing. Martin is an old soul and cares so much about everyone and everything around him. It has been an honor to watch Martin mature as an incredible athlete but even more so as a man as he evolved from a shy, wide-eyed teenager into one of the sports role models and a doting father. It has been a hell of a ride that I will always cherish. Keep it pinned buddy and keep being you Martino!”

-Steve Spencer, GT Global Sports Marketing Manager

Thank you for all the Good Times, Martino. No matter what logo is who’s on your jersey, you’ll always be a part of the GT family. Good luck, and we’ll see you at the races! Film/Edit: Jules Bellot

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