[Video] Mitch Chubey – Out and About – Green River, Utah



Green river has a long history embedded with danger, action and adventure. Well before the days of Butch Cassidy, the wild travellers and the natives the land has been challenge by personal motivation and unforgiving terrain. Though today’s travelers are generally not outlaws or treasure hunters, they share the same reminiscent characteristics as adventurers of the past. The main difference being that historic adventurers focused more on self preservation as motivation, while today’s self motivated athletes manage to continue to push the boundaries with drive and mental fortitude. Could it be that internal drive and the need to push further can out weight ones motivation to survive? Or is it that a mind uninterrupted by the need to survive has the capacity to visualize and execute the previously impossible.
For Morpheus athlete Mitch Chubey, Green River is a place to find one’s self while pushing personal boundaries. The timing often provides reference and perspective; since his annual trip generally follows the Redbull Rampage, he views the harsh landscape with different eyes. This cliff he stands on is not perceived as a step away from death more so a platform for a remarkable view. The jagged and serrated rocks on the descent are not obstacles of impalement or decapitation but rather shadowing and back drop for a unique canvas. Join Mitch as he explores the beautiful terrain of Green River using his bike as a paint brush on an open canvas.

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