[Video] Mitch’N Out Ep. 2

In Episode 2 of Mitch’N Out our wild-haired protagonist Mitch Ropelato takes on new adventures at home and recaps a wild summer of enduro racing abroad. We begin in Farmington, Utah aboard the all-new Jekyll where big gap jumps and aggressive scrubs abound. A short flight back in time and over the pond finds us revisiting Mitch’s enduro racing escapades abroad. We’re treated to the wild landscapes of Madeira as Mitch blindly races (and eventually wins) the 2021 Trans Madeira. From there we dive straight into Enduro World Series racing where Mitch takes on EWS Tweed Valley for a wet and wild weekend in the Scottish mud. We wrap up with an e-bike loam session aboard the Moterra on a secret loam spot near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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