[Video] Ray George – Light it up

[Video] Ray George – Light it up

Simon Silver, 21/03/2018

Aptos Post Office veteran Ray George made his first appearance on the FMB world tour circuit in 2012. With a few notable results, he’s been working hard towards his breakout moment. Last year was geared towards working, building, training, and filming, as he returns to the FMB tour in 2018. Ray’s now supported by Michael David Winery (MDW Sports) and Cranked Naturals plant-based sports nutrition. Ray recently finished 3rd at the 2018 Red Bull Farm Jam and is looking to bring home more podiums for his team, along with more video projects like this one.

Ray teaches dirt jumping and mountain biking lessons at pump-jump.com

Rider: Ray George

Video: Davin Peña from Audiolenz and Andrew Squires

Photo: Davin Peña and Andrew Squires

Music: My Mind is by NVDES feat. Olive Tree

Credit: Cranked Naturals