[Video Spoke Tales S4, E2: Crankworx

[Video Spoke Tales S4, E2: Crankworx



Party laps, mega trains, racing, big hits, and whips. Wyn, Noga, Skills WIth Phil, TMac, Tom Isted, Joey Gough, Rachel and a bunch of GT Coalition crew, all press the send button together for Crankworx Whistler 2019.

#Crankworx #GTFactoryRacing #GTBicycles

Filmed and edited by Last Light Cinema

Good time brought to you by GT athletes:

Wyn Masters

Noga Korem

Rachel Strait

Tyler McCaul

Skills With Phil

Tom Isted

Ian Morrison

Trevor Burke

Simmone Lyons

Dylan Conte

Adam Robbins

Clair Sick

Jake Snow

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