[Video] Steep, Loamy and Rowdy Action in Nelson, BC

“Late last fall, after wrapping up our ‘Christening the Dreadnought’ video a little earlier than anticipated, we decided against going home early and instead, headed back into the mountains for more. Working on video projects has always been a passion of mine and have never collaborated with either Calvin Huth or Liam Wallace before, I was really keen to explore the possibilities, even if we were a little tight on time. With that in mind, we stuck to what we knew and had right in front of us, and with some of the steepest trails in BC, it wasn’t too hard to embrace the steep n’ deep theme and I’m stoked with how it all came together. Adding some ‘Vancouver metal’ into the mix, courtesy of ‘Black Wizard’, really sums up what the Dreadnought is all about; point it downhill and let ‘er rip!” – Forbidden’s Stéphane ‘Big Horse’ Pelletier 
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